Avance Future Stars  

Avance Future Stars
Membership Invitation

Now it’s your chance to become the next Kpop Star!
With Avance Future Stars, everyone is an artist, everyone is a future star!
All you need are your passion and dedication! 

What is AFS
Avance Future Stars (AFS) program is Avance’s effort to promote and showcase talents of Kpop fans and aspiring Kpop stars all over the world regardless of the skill-levels, ethnicities or nationalities. Now anyone can be an artist without auditions or training. All you need is your enthusiasm and dedication to succeed. Work hard in your local area and online to promote yourself and earn the support of your fans. With your fans’ votes and support, you will have the chance to be the next K-pop star!
To be part of this exciting opportunity, just follow these steps:
1. Fill out a simple online membership application and become AFS artist instantly
2. You will need to sign up with 5 of your K-pop colleagues (You don’t necessarily have to perform together as a group)
3. Submit videos once a month (Elite Members will be able to submit more videos) to be uploaded to the official AFS Official Youtube Channel or your personal channel in the case of Elite Members.

AFS Membership
AFS is a membership program where every member is an artist! If you become an AFS member, you are entitled to represent AFS in your local area as an official AFS artist. By being an AFS member, you can enjoy benefits such as:
- Songs and choreographies created exclusively for AFS to be shared by all AFS members worldwide
- Publish your own albums and music videos under AFS license
- Top ranking members to receive subsidized training and support
- Earn the chance to be invited to the AFS Training Camp and Showcase

AFS Training Camp and Showcase & Annual Election
AFS Training Camp and Showcase is an annual event to provide training and assistance to the top-ranking members. After the training, the participants’ newly acquired skills will be put on a stage in front of the worldwide audience through Youtube live-streaming as well as in front of live audiences. Top performers as judged by the worldwide audiences by online voting will be given the opportunity to be signed directly to Avance Entertainment and other affiliates and partners. Members with over 10,000 subscribers will be given an invitation to this event as well as by popular vote through the AFS Annual Election by regions. Specific rules and regulations for the camp and the election will be released at a late date.

How to Rise to the Top
YouTube likes and subscribers will be the basic measure of your popularity and ranking. Top-ranking members will receive benefits such as upgraded support, training, and receive the opportunity to receive an artist contract. Produce the best videos of cover dances, cover singing, performing live. Build your fan-base by promoting your videos and channel by social media and by engaging your local fanbase.
1. Create a video and submit it to us at least once a month! The videos can be anything! Singing, dancing, acting, talk show, etc. Instructions will be provided each month.
2. Promote your videos and obtain at least 10,000 likes on all of your videos to become an Elite Member. After reaching 10,000 likes, you will be given your personal AFS YouTube Artist Channel.
3. Gain 10,000 subscribers and you will be eligible to attend the annual AFS training Camp and be signed to Avance Entertainment’s management division as a Trainee.
4. Gain 100,000 subscribers and you will be signed to Avance Entertainment as an artist and be eligible to receive a record deal and full support.

How to obtain a Membership
AFS membership is FREE! At this pre-launch phase, the membership is available by invitation only. When applying for the membership, you are required to invite 5 friends into this exciting opportunity!
Elite Membership is available for donation to the Avance Futures fund of $199 annually (which is reduced to $99 only during the initial stage). The Elite membership will give you the following benefits:
1. Receive the personal YouTube Channel automatically without reaching the required 10,000 likes.
2. Featured on AFS Official YouTube channel and Facebook.
3. Other benefits as become available (i.e. advanced and priority services)
Note: Only during this pre-launch, Elite Membership is available for $99.

Future Plans
The possibilities are limitless as to what collective minds can accomplish. We will never stop fostering growth and development of international Kpop stars all over the world. Our future plans include:
- League of Idols – An exclusive chart and ranking system for AFS artists and groups.
- Elysia - Music Festival for AFS artists and fans
- Music label for AFS exclusive songs
- Dedicated Social Networking App for PC and Mobile

How Do I Get Started?
Simply fill out the online application:
Online Application: 

If you are opting for the Elite Membership you can pay securely by Paypal. Be sure to include the receipt number in the application. 

Online Payment:

Thank you for your support! Thank you for making a difference!

Share It with your Friends
This pre-launch initial membership is available by invitation only. You can invite up to 5 people of your choice. Include their name and their emails in the application.

*** Please note that the contents and details of the program may change without prior notice. Information, photos and videos submitted will be a property of Avance Entertainment****

Appendix - AFS Region Codes 

You will be competing with other AFS members in your region. Choose the city that's nearest you. If there is a city (or cities) in your county / province / state you must choose the nearest city within that territory regardless of the distance. Exception - All Central Asian countries are requested to join 4231 New Delhi, All African countries are requested to join 4313 Johannesburg, except North African countries (N. African countries may choose closest European or Middle Eastern cities). (Region Code - Regional Divisions: X – Continental, X.X – Regional A, X.X.X – Regional B, X.X.X.X – City) 

1. North America 2. Latin America 3. Europe 4. Asia and Africa
1.1 Canada 2.1 Central America 3.1 Western Europe 4.1 Far East
1.1.1 Western Canada 2.1.1 Mexico 3.1.1 UK and Ireland 4.1.1 Korea Vancouver Mexico City London Seoul Calgary Monterrey Dublin Busan Edmonton Guadalajara Birmingham Gwangju
1.1.2 Eastern Canada 2.1.2 Central America - North 3.1.2 Western Europe North 4.1.2 China Toronto Tegucigalpa Amsterdam Shanghai Ottawa Guatemala City Brussels Beijing Winnipeg San Salvador Vienna Hong Kong
1.1.3 Quebec and Maritimes 2.1.3 Central America - South 3.1.3 Germany 4.1.3 Japan Montreal San Jose, CR Munich Tokyo Quebec City Panama City Hamburg Osaka Halifax Managua Berlin Fukuoka

1.2 Western US 2.2 South America 3.2 South Europe 4.2 South Asia
1.2.1 West 2.2.1 South America - North 3.2.1 France 4.2.1 Southeast Asia - North Los Angeles Quito Paris Taipei San Francisco Caracas Marseille Manila Denver Bogota Lyon Ho Chi Min City
1.2.2 Pacific Northwest 2.2.2 South America - South 3.2.2 Iberia 4.2.2 Southeast Asia - South Seattle Asuncion Barcelona Jakarta Honolulu Montevideo Madrid Singapore Anchorage Buenos Aires Lisbon Kuala Lumpur
1.2.3 Southwest 2.2.3 South America - West 3.2.3 Italy 4.2.3 S.E. Asia - West & India Houston Santa Cruz de la Sierra Milan New Delhi* Phoenix Lima Rome Bangkok New Orleans Santiago Naples Phnom Penh

1.3 Eastern US 2.3 Brazil and the Caribbean 3.3 Northern and Eastern Europe 4.3 Middle East, Africa & Australia
1.3.1 Southeast 2.3.1 Brazil North 3.3.1 Scandinavia and Baltic 4.3.1 Middle East and Africa Miami Salvador Helsinki Istanbul Atlanta Manaus Stockholm Dubai Memphis Brasilia Vilnius Johannesburg *
1.3.2 Midwest 2.3.2 Brazil South 3.3.2 Russia 4.3.2 Australia South Chicago Rio de Janeiro Moscow Melbourne Minneapolis Sao Paulo St. Petersburg Adelaide Detroit Alegre Vladivostok Perth
1.3.3 East 2.3.3 Caribbean 3.3.3 Eastern Europe 4.3.3 Australia - East & NZ New York San Juan Warsaw Sydney Boston Santo Domingo Kiev Brisbane Washington DC Kingston Bucharest Auckland