Avance Global Audition "R"

AGAR Season 1, Round 5 Details are as follows:


Audition 2021-01

Eligible Songs

All songs are eligible (No Profanity, Sexual Contents)

Submission Deadline
Thursday, August 6, 2020 (until midnight your time)

Video Format
MP4 (1080p 60fps preferred but any quality is ok)

Video Title
Must be in the following format:

AFS ID Number - Artist Name – Region Code (4-digit) - Round No - Song Title - Performance Type


You can find the 4-digit code in the AFS Application:


- AFS ID Number (Your First Name and Last Name Initials + Your DOB in YYMMDD, i.e. Jane Smith, DOB 2001-March-01 would be JS010301)

- Please sign up for AFS membership to participate:

Recoding Instruction

1. Start with a greeting “An-nyeong-haseyo 안녕하세요 (Hello)” with a Korean head bow (if it’s against your custom or religion, you may skip it)

2. A short self-introduction with your Artist Name and your Region in English and/or Korean.

3. Start your performance:
Singing, dancing, or rapping is recommended but you can perform any performance arts using the music provided. 

You must use MR (Instrumentals) for a singing audition.

Melody and Lyrics are provided for singing but you can create your own too if you wish. 

You may choose one song or choose to mix all 4. 

Limit your performance within 10 minutes in length.

Make it entertaining and enjoyable to watch appropriate for public viewing. 

Standing up is recommended for all types of performances. Show entire body if possible
Lighting matters, use lighting equipment or record in a well-lit room against a clean background 

Use the separate mic if you have one in a well sound insulated room 4. 

After the performance, end with another Korean head bow with a “Kamsa-hapnida 감사합니다 (Thank you)” salutation (if it’s against your custom or religion, you may skip it)

Submit to scouting@avanceentertainment.com no later than the submission deadline.

For the audition segment, you will be contacted by our scouts directly if you are chosen.

Your video will be uploaded to the YouTube channel and the points will be earned as follows:

Views 1 point
Like 5 points
Subscription 10 points

The points will be earned for the duration of the event. The seasonal winners will be given various opportunities such as trainee, artist, modeling, and entertainer contract.

If you have not signed up for the AFS account, please do so that your points can be collected.  


Should you have any questions, please email us by replying here or send a message to our Facebook account. https://www.facebook.com/AvanceEntertainment/

Thank you and good luck!

Avance Entertainment

Avance Entertainment Celebrates 10-year Anniversary and Introduces “Global Audition R”

In celebration of the company’s 10-year anniversary, Avance Entertainment, world’s only Korean Entertainment company for foreigners, is proud to present the next generation of Avance Entertainment’s Global Audition format. It’s called Avance Global Audition “R” (for Revolution) and it’s our way to build relationships with our supporters and fans, and create a platform to bring up our future assets from our fanbase. This new audition will be utilized in conjunction with the already existing Avance Future Stars (AFS) community platform. Any auditions that you submit will also count towards the AFS system’s points.

If you are a phase-1 AFS contestant, your points are still valid, so don’t worry.

Also, past trainees of PDI EPAA will get special attention, so please do audition again.

Anyone Can Enter
Open to any age, nationality, ethnicity or race.

Audition and Contest in One
There will be auditions at least once a month where Avance will announce the songs that the participants will be required to perform. Video submission will also be posted on YouTube to gather popularity data. The top participants will be invited to our training program at the end of the season through our AFS system.

Song Choices
The first batch of the song choices are as follows:https://youtu.be/ntLHbX5df5E (don't forget to like and subscribe)

There are male and female songs but you are not restricted to stay with your gender. When the announcement is made for the actual audition, you will be notified which song that you will be required to perform. So, learn all the songs. You can choose to sing, dance or both.
The lyrics of the song will be posted on our official Facebook.

What happens next?
You will be receiving further details on the audition shortly.In the meantime, in order to participate in the audition and receive the most updated info on the audition, please do the following:

1. Like our official Facebook

2. Subscribe to our official YouTube

3. If you have not signed up for our AFS community, please fill out the application. Without an AFS account, points earned from your auditions will not be counted towards the annual invitation.

4. Join our K-pop Facebook community to get other participant’s opinions on your performance or just to talk about K-pop in general. 


5. Post this audition information on your Facebook and K-pop community site and gather support from your potential fans. 

And finally, let us know how excited you are about this brand-new audition by leaving us a message and liking our Facebook and YouTube!

Thank you and good luck!