International K-pop and k-entertainment specialist

Avance entertainment

Management, Production and Agency

Avance Entertainment is a company that specializes in the management of foreign talent for the Korean entertainment industry.

Avance Entertainment has an intimate connections inside the Korean Entertainment industry to help our artists thrive in the demanding environment of K-Pop.

Avance Entertainment has experience in developing foreign-born or foreign-raised artists, ensuring they thrive in both the Korean and International entertainment industries.

Avance Entertainment provides following services to the entertainment industry of Korea:

• Scouting and Recruiting
• Development and Training
• Promotion and Marketing for International Markets
• Management for Foreign-based Artists
• Concert and Event Planning
• Global Auditions and Talent Search
• Media and Public Relations for International Markets

Avance Entertainment owns affiliated offices in Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to fulfill all of the Korean Entertainment Industry’s requirements in key Hallyu markets.

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