Past Auditions

Avance General Audition (ongoing)



1. Fill in the following form.  Be complete.

2. Upload an audition video as follows.

3. Email us at with the full name and the title of the Youtube video.


Details and Information:

  1. Qualifications: Open to all. (no age, gender or race restrictions)

  2. Audition videos must be posted with the title "Avance General Auditions 2012: Song Title" on YouTube


Videos must not be edited in any way (dubbed in singing, cuts in the dance or song). However, each segment may be cut and edited together. Videos must show the auditioners entire body. Girls are highly recommended to wear heels when dancing. Videos must be comprised of the following components. 

  1. Introduction (in all languages known)

  2. Singing (minimum 2 minutes, maximum 1 song. Must be English or Korean)

  3. Rapping (optional if capable in English or Korean)

  4. Dancing (minimum 2 minutes, maximum 1 song.)

Judging Outline

  1. Vocals: Singing ability based on auditioners breathing, rhythm, pitch, technique and stage manner. Pronounciation will also be judged. 

  2. Dance: Flexibility, sense of rhythm, posture and steps, proper technique and stage manner.


Individuals will be contacted privately.